Religion and Politics – Part 1

Hello SE readers, Gwen with you today and together we’re going to wrestle with topics that most of us try to ignore – religion and politics. Photo from Canva Many of us grew up with the comic strip Peanuts. The characters were part of our lives. We looked forward to the weekly stories that cartoonist […]

Religion and Politics – Part 1

Hidden truth

It is no coincidence that Plato is playing on the top screen. If we take a closer look at Raphael’s painting “School of Athens”, Plato and Aristotle are standing next to each other, but it is remarkable that Plato points his finger towards the sky, while Aristotle holds his hand towards the ground. This is also the crucial clue to deciphering this meme.

There are more details in the painting by Raphael. Both philosophers are holding books in their hands. Plato is holding his dialogue ‘Timaeus’, while Aristotle is holding his ‘Ethics’ (there are more books by Aristotle on ethics than just the well-known ‘Nicomachean Ethics’). The dialogue ‘Timaeus’ is about the creation of the world and how chaos became the ‘cosmos’. It is a metaphysical work. Aristotle’s Ethics, on the other hand, deals with very mundane, human affairs.
These worlds are separate from the cardboard we see in the meme.

Interpreters say that Raphael is critical of Aristotle and expresses this in one detail. Plato is holding his book tucked under his arm so he can move freely, while Aristotle is carrying the book over his knee. Try walking with a textbook the way Aristotle carries his. You will find that it is not so easy, and it was Raphael’s way of saying that Aristotle’s philosophy makes it difficult for him to engage in discussion with the others.

When you play a shooter on a television screen, it is ultimately a completely different game whether or not you see your teammate’s screen. By analogy to the thought above, it is also a completely different “game” if we allow metaphysics to refer to some form of ethics.

We also know that Plato was the teacher of Aristotle. That is why he is player 1 and gets the top screen. One could also add that the separation of the carton represents their disagreement in philosophy, since they cannot see each other’s “point of view” like the visual representation in the painting. Perhaps precisely by not seeing something, we see something else, a third, a potential, and a possible reality that we can at best capture selectively.

World is not you think it is..

World is not you think it is,
The worlds full of good,
The good becomes evil in search of evilness in good,
World is not you think it is,
The worlds full of Greed,
Greedy becomes evil in search of righteousness in Greed,
World is not you think it is,
The worlds full of Untrustworthy,
Untrustworthy becomes good in search of trust,
World is not you think it is,
The worlds full of Depressed,
Depressed become much more depressed in search of pleasure,
World is not you think it is,
The worlds full of dark,
Dark becomes Darker in search of light,
World is not you think it is…….

Kashfi Zia

Sheer society

On very auspicious day of spring a kid came out from his home energetically to seize the very day, heading towards playground with underage. On the way to the playground his eyes discovers a poor homeless destitute sleeping beside the road, Face was pale yellow like corpse, On his first glance began pondering about his youth that how he lived and enjoyed his childhood and do this person at any point had made the most of his youth actually as I do or does he begged like nowadays numerous underage are begging , who are economically backward, socially depressed and educationally neglected by our so called developed society. As he was watching that dramatic persona someone yelled and said ” hey you keep a moderate distance from that swine he can give seriously futuristic plague”. resembling a harsh understudy the kid was simply hearing that so called respectable social animal. His vocal strength was too loud to the point that even a dead man can tell his tales about how he became such a responsible social trigger.

That social enthusiastic persona drew close to me and began clarifying, About how these swine makes our society most undesirable place for desirable character, And the kid was still processing that noteworthy honorable respected social creature without any response. All sudden of nothing but a small mob of the same social creature came near the ongoing session and start advising them to keep a half distance of about a meter away from that sleeping swine and get some contamination. After listening thee societal voice, the social creature near that kid began to think how he used the same filthy language at the first place and now he feel shame about being a jerk, And begin to worry about that man who was just a topic of pity drama of society but who knows that every poor destitute is like a mirror to society, they show the real faces of creature who use to call themselves civilized

After that long immune silence the mob began their process of putting that garbage to his exact place ( : in this scene the mob was trying to put that filthy little corpse of that man “who was already dead and maybe he was in a better place now despite from this living hell for him” into dustbin to clean the city road and maintain the aura more civilized 🙂. All their social work was on the peak but suddenly a small plastic bag “full of money which he willingly looted form the societal creatures who innocently earn from their hard work without hurting or dominating other” from that dead swine’s pocket fall off on the road and the social mob was fighting each other just trying to get enough money as they can get before other could see and overtake the opportunity, At that moment no one was now thinking to clean the city aura from that dead swine they just throwed and leaved him alone beside the road as these so-called civilized do when they see destitute vulnerable person they just flew towards their predetermination to bring in more cash before other could accept their open door away from them,

The main thing came into the psyche of a social humanized animal when they see a defenseless and vagrant is ” they are black sheep of society and hole in pocket and are here to cheat civilized creature and steal their money” but after confronting the every bit of relevant information with their actual sight, The innocent kid and that so called social persona realized that there is nothing usual in this negative society. Those who play themselves as a social welfare body are the real problem to this society, they just put a fake mask of civilized character to play and the problem began from this actual phase where they use some degenerate words to describe destitute, vulnerable community.

The main problem of our society lies in the sight of normal creation, they doesn’t want to accept that they even have the problem.

It was season of summer when my entire family was praising somebody’s birthday, there was some unfairness in the dishes and I set up shouting at waiter and advised him to take care next time in any case otherwise there will be no next time. Around then my dad said something which I hold each time, he said “IT IS EASY TO SAY ‘NO’ TO A WAITER BUT IT IS DIFFICULT TO REJECT AN INFLUENCED PERSON”


First i saw you, unaware and innocent
searching for presence,
Your eyes was full atom of pain,
But get desensitized by further,
Trying to grab your inborn misery
Swear to pursue your beauty for eternal,
Your voice, serve every pain
Your smile, cure every poison,
Your presence, escorts silence,
Your charm, brings happiness,

Until the day of judgement, all gone,
voice, cause pain,
smile, becomes poison,
Presence, caste away silence,
Charm, conduct grief,
All gone, pondering why,
Penetrating answers,
Again her eyes came across,
Full of pain, grief, sorrow,
Telling truth, searching for respect,

Tears tells the story of recast
She saw reality in her dream,
Reality of society,
Happily wondering in dark forest,
Abruptly a demon rise,
Oh demon! what you want,
Said; thine love is abomination,

Mercy demon! Querying for reason
All at once he vanished,
With a dark loathefull smoke,
Smoke cleared, with two flashing doors
Printed with Reason = CASTE SYSTEM

Mai chuha hun….

Mai chuha hun

हां मै चूहा हूं
मैं दाने चुन चुन कर खाता हूं,
हां मै कर्ज के फंदे में फंस जाता हूं।
हां मै चूहा हूं,
क्या हुआ अगर कहने को मेरे पास दो गज़ ज़मीन है,
मै उसमे समाता नहीं, वो मुझे निगल जाती है,
सिर्फ मै ही नहीं हम जैसे सारे इस फंदे और ज़मीन के ज़रिए निगले जाते हैं,
मै पैदा होता हूं तो क़िस्मत नहीं कर्ज की लकीर ले कर।
हां मै चूहा हूं।
हमे बैंक जैसे चुहेदानी में हरे सपने दिखा कर आकर्षित किया जाता है,
हम कहने को तो उस चुहेदानी से वापस आए जाते है,
लेकिन उस चूहेदानी का एक धागा कर्ज की शक्ल का फंदा बन जाता है।
हां मै चूहा हूं ,
मै मरता नहीं मारा जाता हूं,
हां मै चूहा हूं।

“A Letter To Society”

Dear society,
I am not handsome
Nor fit and awesome
I don’t have a exemplary hair
Nor skin that is fair
I’m not that smart
But I have a good heart
I am king of my own palace
I’ll never regret for looking like this
I won’t change anything even my face
I have true people with me
And that’s what I call ‘family’
Hey judgemental people
We were created by something fair and pure
Call me stupid or ugly
But hey society, you’ll never change me
Never judge a book by its cover
Let’s make discrimination be over
So no one will stay in the darkness
And we’ll all experience real happiness

A farewell

WITH all my will, but much against my heart,
We two now part.
My Very Dear,
Our solace is, the sad road lies so clear.
It needs no art, 5
With faint, averted feet
And many a tear,
In our opposed paths to persevere.
Go thou to East, I West.
We will not say 10
There ‘s any hope, it is so far away.
But, O, my Best,
When the one darling of our widowhead,
The nursling Grief,
Is dead, 15
And no dews blur our eyes
To see the peach-bloom come in evening skies,
Perchance we may,
Where now this night is day,
And even through faith of still averted feet, 20
Making full circle of our banishment,
Amazed meet;
The bitter journey to the bourne so sweet
Seasoning the termless feast of our content
With tears of recognition never dry.


Few days earlier an incident came up in Jharkhand, A 24 year old man named Tabrez Ansari was brutally beaten up by mob to death, and after that everyone came out from their houses with posters and candles and asking for justice but not a single person thinks the reason behind this.The Ansari incident shows that the problem has transmogrified into a sinister form of enforcing the chanting Hindu slogan ” jai shri ram” by citizens professing other Religions.There have been numerous lynching in India since 2014, mainly involving Hindu mobs lynched Muslims.Some notable examples of such attacks includes 2015 Dadri mob lynching and the 2016 Jharkhand mob lynching and the 2017 Alwar mob lynching.Most important is that in majority of cases the victims are Muslims. I mean why Muslims? is there any kind of ritual or something that if you kill one Muslim man then you wiil definitely go to Heaven.

what has happen to all those mens who involves in lynching?

what makes them to do so?

The answer is “FAITH and”RELIGION”.

Every person in this world has their own Faith and Religion.

what does Faith means, it means ‘believing in something without any kind of evidence’

what about Religion, it is a slow drug which injects in our body when we were infant, and i think it is chid abuse.

because telling about Religion to a child means you are telling his/her about Heaven or Hell, that if you do things according to gods plan then you will go to Heaven and if not then you will be burning in hell after you are dead, This became nightmare of that child he could even barely sleep.

This is the reason behind all outrage of Religious people.

Hindu monks tell them to kill Muslims and Muslims Imaams tell them to hate infidels.

Upper caste society dominants lower caste.This all is happening because of Religion and Faith.

All Religious peoples are afraid and confused that how they will go to Heaven, By taking this advantage Preist, Monks and Imaams give them answer from a holy book (which proof itself that ‘I am Holy’) that do what God ask to do, I mean which God wants to kill its own creature by another one.

They told that whatever happens is by the will of God, then all these outrage of people for killing one another is caused by the will of your God (That you created).

There is a famous qoute that “Large number of strangers work flexibly if they believe in common myth”.What if this common myth(Religion/Faith) will not exist, did this mobocracy will work,or come to end.


ROSE: An Ivory tower.

Earlier i was in Delhi at Pandunagar where my uncle resides.

We went at GIP mall for shopping, while heading back i saw most of the people were having rose in their hand, which makes me feel something weird so i checked my phone maybe its flowers day or rose day but i was wrong.

suddenly my eyes came across two beautiful girls, selling roses .

Their minimum age were maybe atleast 10 yrs which clearly show how daring they are,

at that age most of the boys or girls who were needy and helpless starts begging but these two were proving the whole going wrong that “how much needy and helpless you are but never give up”

while i was thinking of them, one of the girl came near and ask me to purchase those roses, her eyes were fasinating which clearly tells that she was not only selling roses but also purchasing her dreams.

It seems to me at the moment that i was helpless to help a poor little girl….

I gave her 200rs and buy all of her roses. At the time her smile says that she conquer the whole world.

Afterwards straight forward i went towards my uncle’ flat.

I told the whole story to my uncle he gave me idea to create your own blog and write what you see and feel around you,

So this is my first story, I know very well that i m not good in grammer but however “practice makes man perfect” and now i am very daring and confident like those “dream buyers” to conquer the whole world and not to afraid of anyone who makes joke on my grammer.

Thank you.

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